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Baltic Presidential visit

Delegations led by the Presidents of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia visited the geothermal plant at Hellisheidi today, learning about the operations of ON Power and Carbfix.

The delegations were invited by the President of Iceland on this two-day visit to commemorate the anniversary of renewed diplomatic relations between Iceland and the Baltic states on August 26th 1991, after Iceland became the first country in the world to recognize their independence following the fall of the Soviet Union. 

We are honored that ON Power and Carbfix were the only two companies visited as part of the visit’s formal agenda.

The CEOs of Reykjavík Energy, ON Power and Carbfix, along with the Director General of the Icelandic Energy Authority informed the distinguished guests about the utilization of geothermal power in Iceland, as well as Carbfix’s groundbreaking technology to mineralize carbon dioxide underground, contributing to the fight against climate change.

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