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The Carbfix Team

Dr. Edda Sif Pind Aradóttir


Edda is a chemical and reservoir engineer. Prior to taking on her current role, Edda was the project manager for the Carbfix R&D project as well as the head of innovation and strategic planning at Reykjavik Energy.

Dr. Bergur Sigfússon

Head of CO2 Capture and Injection

Bergur is a geochemist. He has experience in commissioning, operating and monitoring new methods and technologies related to CO2 capture and injection as well as geothermal power plants.

Dr. Kári Helgason

Project Development

Kári is a physicist. He has a research background in astrophysics and has worked on the science programmes for NASA/ESA space telescope missions. He manages several projects for further development of the Carbfix technology.

Dr. Sandra Ósk Snæbjörnsdóttir

Head of CO2 Mineral Storage

Sandra is a geologist. She has extensive experience in overseeing feasibility studies, field site characterization, drilling and monitoring campaigns related to planned and ongoing CO2 injections.

Kristinn Ingi Lárusson

Head of Business Development

Kristinn holds an MBA and a vast business operational background, including extensive experience in business development, financing, investment and banking operations.

Thomas Ratouis

Head of Reservoir Engineering

Thomas is a reservoir engineer. He has over ten years’ experience in modelling subsurface (THC) processes in the geothermal energy and CO2 sequestration space. He is further interested in the validation and certification of geological storage of CO2.

Ragna Björk Bragadóttir

Innovation Project Management

Ragna Björk is a Sustainable Energy Engineer coming from R&D at OR. Her main field of expertise is Numerical and Reservoir modelling although her main focus has been on Project Management in R&D projects. She  was  originally  trained  as  a  Civil  and  Environmental  Engineer.


Nökkvi Andersen

EPC Project Management

Nökkvi is a mechanical and energy engineer coming from on R&D at OR. His main field of expertise is mechanical and process design although in the last couple of years his main focus has been project management in R&D projects. He was originally trained as Marine Engineer with experience from various sectors and has designed various machinery and equipment for power plants and other industries.

Magnús Þór Arnarson

EPC Project Management

Magnús is a chemical engineer from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH) and marine engineer from the Technical College in Iceland. For the past fifteen years he has been working on geothermal utilization with the main emphasis on process design and project management. He has experience both in working on experimental projects concerning geothermal gases abatement and utilization and projects on industrial scale.

Dr. Martin Voigt


Martin has extensive experience in researching water-rock-CO2 reactions from the laboratory to the field scale.

Ólafur Teitur Guðnason

Head Communications and External Relations

Ólafur Teitur was political advisor to Iceland's Minister of Tourism, Industries, and Innovation. His prior experience includes heading communications for Rio Tinto Iceland, media relations for Straumur-Burðarás investment bank, and journalism in both radio and print media. He holds a BA degree in Political Science.

Kristinn Jakobsson

Head of Coda Terminal project

Kristinn is a project management professional with an MBA from Reykjavík University and a B.Sc in energy engineering from the University of Iceland. He has broad and extensive experience in managing large, complex projects.

Dr. Chiara Marieni

Project Management

Chiara is a geochemist. She has a research background in CO2 mineral storage at different scales and has worked in several universities and research centers across Europe.

Silja Yraola

Communications and marketing

Silja has an extensive experience in communication and marketing in the energy and climate tech industries. She has worked with Carbfix since it was formally founded in 2019 with Reykjavik Energy before working in Reykjavík City Hall.

Edda Björk Ragnarsdóttir

Lawyer & Business Development manager

Edda Björk is a lawyer and has extensive experience in the innovation environment of Icelandic companies and intellectual property law. Before starting at Carbfix she was an expert for the Icelandic Foreign Service, worked for the United Nations in the field of intellectual property law, and in legal research at the University of Iceland.

Ólafur Einar Jóhannsson

Business Development manager

Ólafur holds an MBA in addition to MSc in Business and Economics. He has extensive experience in international business development and business management functions in merchant shipping and operational and technical ship management.

Heiða Aðalsteinsdóttir

Strategy and Planning

Heiða is a certified Landscape Architect and holds a degree in International Business. Heiða has extensive experience in leading interdisciplinary projects within the fields of spatial planning, environmental impact assessment, and strategy. Before joining Carbfix, Heiða worked at Research and Innovation at Reykjavik Energy.

Selja Ósk Snorradóttir

Business Development and Project Management

Selja has experience in project management, sustainability advising and environmental issues. She holds MSc degrees in Environmental Studies and Business Administration.

Oddur Steinn Einarsson

EPC Project Management

Oddur holds a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. He has hands on experience from the field as a contractor in the construction and infrastructure industry.

Salka Kolbeinsdóttir

Project Development

Salka is a geologist and holds a MSc degree in Geology. She has a background in remote sensing and glaciology.

Matt Villante

Project Development and modelling

Matt is a geologist. He has experience in modeling geothermal systems, spatial analysis, environmental impact assessment, and policy analysis. Matt holds a BSc degree in Geology and BA in Chinese Language and Literature.

Helga Snjólfsdóttir

Portfolio Management

Helga is an Industrial Engineer with varied experience from her time in the Medical Device industry, specifically developing a Project Office in a global IT department. She is enthusiastic about finding structure and process that supports Innovative work. Always aiming to increase transparency and efficiency.

Affiliated partners

The Carbfix team works with partners and collaborators in universities, research institutes, and companies on various ongoing and research projects.

At Reykjavik Energy there are:

Dr. Vala Hjörleifsdóttir - Head of Innovation and Strategic Planning

Bára Jónsdóttir - Legal Adviser