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Carbfix‘s information security policy

Information is an important asset in Carbfix‘s decision-making and process development. It is Carbfix’s policy in the field of information security that integrity, availability, and confidentiality where appropriate is assured. Carbfix does this by:

  • Locating and handling risk and working for continuous improvement
  • Trusting people and entrusting them with the management of information security by raising awareness
  • Protecting data and ensuring confidentiality
  • Working with data in a way that it returns to the correct storage location, is accurate, does not spoil, to become reliable information
  • Making sure users have easy access to the information they require – Open but secure

Upplýsingaöryggisstefna Carbfix byggir á gildum og heildarstefnu Carbfix og er sett fram til samræmis við eigendastefnu samstæðu OR.