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Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo Visits Carbfix

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo embarked on a significant visit to Iceland to gain insights into the geothermal energy sector and witness the groundbreaking carbon capture initiatives at the Hellisheiði Geothermal Power Plant and Carbfix injection plant on June 27th.

Mayor Hidalgo and her delegation were warmly received at the Hellisheiði Geothermal Exhibition by Sævar Freyr Þráinsson, CEO of Orkuveita Reykjavíkur where they delved into the impressive developments in harnessing geothermal energy.

Continuing the excursion, the delegation ventured to one of the Carbfix injection wells, where they were met by Ragna Björk Bragadóttir, Innovation Project Manager at Carbfix. Ragna Björk elucidated the intricate process behind transforming carbon dioxide (CO2) into stone using the pioneering mineralization technology developed by Carbfix.

The visit to the Carbfix injection well offered Mayor Hidalgo and her delegation a unique opportunity to witness the cutting-edge mineralization technology developed by Carbfix. By injecting CO2 into basaltic bedrock, Carbfix has successfully transformed the harmful greenhouse gas into stable mineral formations, effectively sequestering it. Mayor Hidalgo commended Carbfix for their groundbreaking efforts, emphasizing the importance of such initiatives in combatting climate change.

The visit concluded with fruitful discussions between Mayor Hidalgo and industry experts, focusing on potential collaborations and knowledge sharing between Paris and Iceland in the fields of geothermal energy and carbon capture. Mayor Hidalgo expressed her commitment to exploring partnerships that could contribute to Paris's sustainable energy transition and bolster global climate change mitigation efforts.

This visit marks a significant milestone in international cooperation in the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions. Mayor Hidalgo's engagement and interest in geothermal energy and carbon capture technologies highlight the growing importance of these fields in the global fight against climate change.

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