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US Senator Cory A. Booker visits Carbfix

US Senator Cory A. Booker (D-NJ) is leading a Congressional Delegation (CODEL) on official business to European countries, including Iceland, with a primary focus on climate and energy-related discussions.

During their visit to Iceland, the delegation among Ambassador Patman received an engaging presentation from Kristinn Ingi Lárusson, Head of Business Development and Commercialisation at Carbfix, shedding light on the potential applications of Carbfix technologies in the United States.

Senator Booker and the delegation showed keen interest in learning about Carbfix's innovative carbon capture and storage technology, which converts captured CO2 into stable underground minerals. Kristin‘s presentation provided insights into the feasibility and scalability of Carbfix solutions, stimulating discussions on potential US collaborations to combat climate change effectively.


Carbfix potential in the US is significant


Additionally, the delegation was introduced to the Hellisheiði geothermal power plant and Geothermal Park by Harpa Pétursdóttir, Director of Administration and Stakeholder Affairs ON power.

Thus, the delegation was able to learn about cutting-edge carbon capture technologies as well as Iceland's geothermal achievements. We are optimistic that the discussions will contribute to informed policy decisions and foster potential collaborations in the pursuit of sustainable energy and climate solutions.

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